At Hygge you are able to choose from an extensive range of menu options, from buffet to à la carte.

We are happy to discuss the available options and help you to decide on the right menu for your occasion.

Function ENQUIRY

Catering options

Each menu offers delicious food brought to you by our experienced kitchen team, led by our head chef.

Please send a Functions Enquiry for our latest Functions & Weddings menus.

Drinks Menu

Your drinks menu offers a selection of wines, beer, craft beer, and cider, focusing on the Hawkes Bay’s wonderful offerings.

We can discuss your requirements to ensure we are well stocked according to your preferences. If you have something in mind which we do not usually offer, please ask and we will quote​.

Meal Services

Hygge is fully licensed, and our drinks list and menu celebrate local businesses and ethical and organic produce.

Reduced Menu

Or shall we say walk, fork and talk! This is a perfect way to mingle with your party. These dishes are designed to be eaten easily with a fork & small bowl or plate. You will have a choice of the chefs’ selection which will be chosen prior to your booking. This option is designed for business functions, presentations and casual gatherings. 50+ people required.

Alternate Drop

Walk & Fork


Dishes are served to tables for guests to help themselves as they wish. You will be served your choice of meats, salads and seasonal vegetables. A fun and social way to share your meal that works well with large groups.
We have a selection of buffet meal options catering for large groups. Guests choose what they want and can easily come back for more, all the while with a great selection to choose from.
This service will be catered fully to your choice of meal for your function. We will have our most popular dishes on a menu for you to choose from. Alternate drop or a pre-order is required for this choice.
An alternate drop service is where two menu dishes are chosen by the host in advance. People are served each meal alternatively, for example beef and chicken. Generally, diners are free to swap meals on their table if someone else is willing. This option is popular at large functions instead of the buffet option. Vegetarian guests, or those with dietary needs usually receive a different meal.

Shared Plates

Plated Meals

Suitable for groups of over 25 people within our lunch service this menu includes our top four dishes, providing your guests with plenty of choice. Sides are also available.
Other meal services can be provided on request. Feel free to ask about what else we can provide.
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