Featuring some on the best musical talent in Hawkes Bay and even New Zealand, Hygge loves to put on live music. Bring the family and friends, kick back, bathe in NZ's beautiful East Coast sun and enjoy soothing tunes.

Our setup
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Our Setup

We have a personally customised sound stage, fitted with our own Persian rug and vintage design elements.

Sit anywhere on our vast outdoor lawn and enjoy some of the best music the Bay has to offer. If the rain sets in and the sea becomes stormy, if the air turns cold and the wind becomes gusty, find a comfortable spot by the fire and get yourself a hot cup of coffee - either way, we've got you covered.

Hygge at Clifton Bay is one of the few cafes in Napier and Hastings with live music to accompany your coffee. With comfy chairs and several easily portable umbrellas, an area of lawn sheltered by trees and extensive coastal views, we have a beautiful, open area that's perfect for live music.

Upcoming Music Events

Sorry, we currently have no upcoming music events.

Be sure to check our Facebook and Instagram just in case...

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