Hygge Rewards

Thank you so much for joining us at our Hygge home. We would love to show our appreciation of having you here by inviting you to join our Hygge family and gain a number of special deals on offer through Hygge Rewards.

How it works

Accumulate points

Hygge Rewards is an app that allows you to accumulate points that convert to $ dollars to spend at the café.

Receive discounts

As well as earning value while you enjoy our menu, we offer a Hygge family discount on drinks, wine, beer, special dishes, functions, and events.

Get bonus points

Throughout the year we will also offer special bonus points for special events and off-peak moments.

Join Our Family

Get the Hygge Rewards app today and reap the family benefits!

Instant Benefits

  • Join and gain 600 points ($12) straight away
  • Redeem on the day or anytime in the future
  • Gain 1 point for every dollar spent
  • Redeem at 50 points per dollar
  • Keep up to date with all events, specials and deals that come up

Heaps of Discounts

Just scan your QR Code at the counter with every purchase and you will gain discounts and Reward Points!

  • Every 10th coffee is free
  • 60c off every drink (not bottles)
  • 90c off glass of wine
  • $3 off bottle of wine
  • Free cabinet meal or equivalent during the month of your birthday
  • Discount on special dishes every week
  • Special event bonus points
  • $15 gift voucher if you bring a group of 10 or more on weekdays
  • $50 gift voucher for your function of over 30 people (include internal link to Functions page)
  • $100 gift voucher for your function over 50 people

Ready to join our family? Download the app using the links below, fill in your details, and you're up and running!